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MINDFLOW Offline Seminar

Ready for the revelation of the secret knowledge of gem stone healing to transform your life? This Stone Master Seminar will unfold a new understanding of energy and healing. Awaken your hidden abilities and create your own radiant future.

Become your own Stone Master !

Immerse yourself in the world of stones!

Experience the energy of stones. Find out if they are contaminated and may even cause blockages. Learn how to free them from impediments and much more!


The seminar includes 6 dates with 5 learning sessions plus an additional date in advance with a briefing for your personal set of stones.

You will receive a handmade wooden box of 5 gemstones:

1 emerald

1 ruby

1 sapphire

1 garnet

1 rose quartz 

You will also receive the video recordings with Tom Mögele and an online workbook with lifetime access.


Module 1: Basics of gemstone science.

Module 2: Polluted semi-precious stones & gemstones.

Module 3: Neutralization of contaminated stones.

Module 4: Energy connections and bridges in the stones.

Module 5: Dissolving energetic bridges and regenerating stones.


Get a 100€ discount via my trainer link:


NO previous experience required, any age from16 years and older.


I look forward to introducing you to the world of stones at my practice in Cologne's Südstadt!

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