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Healthy Household.

Tips, tricks  & DIYs

for your household.

Try them out -

simple, easy & inexpensive.

Have FUN.



Beauty Model

Royal Jelly for Naturally, Beautiful Lips

A small jar directly from your beekeeper or farmer's market will make you happy for many years, giving shine and volume to your lips and moreover bringing your very own lip color to light.

- you'll be surprised ...

With your finger apply royal jelly sparingly to your lips - done!


Beauty Tip:

Trace the lips with a contour pencil* and lightly smudge inwards with your fingertips. You'll get beautiful results that are in no way inferior to a professional natural look.


* When buying your new lip liner, make sure that after you have applied the royal jelly, it roughly matches the color of your lips. And, of course, make sure it's the best eco-quality. Since we hardly need anything else in terms of beauty products, we treat ourselves with only the finest.

Beach Party

Baking Soda

instead of Deodorant

Fill a sachet of baking soda (or baking powder) into a small, flat, screw-top container.

Do not dry your armpits after washing. Dab into the glass with moistened fingers and distribute the sodium bicarbonate powder under your armpits.

Baking soda withstands heaviest workouts, intense heat or hard work. Above all your clothing remains odorless and the powder also acts as stain remover - even old deodorant residue will disappear with your next clothes wash!

In case of sensitive skin under your armpits however, a better recommendation is the finer ground baking powder. The courser baking soda can irritate your sensitive armpit skin.



Homemade Washing Powder good also

for Wool & Silk

80g grated Aleppo soap with laurel 

8 tbs washing soda

Stir into 1,5 L of boiling water and let cool down for about an hour.

    - then stir until jelly-like

Add another 1,5 L of boiling water and stir.


When completely cooled down:

Stir in 5-10 drops of true essential oils of lavender or lavandin from your organic store or drug store.


True essential oils are high in frequencies and have antibacterial and anti-viral effects.

Hand Hygiene


Wooden Ashes for Washing White Clothes & Linen

Collect your wooden ashes in a tin bucket. 

Bring water to boil, then slowly stir in the ashes - keep stirring for a while. 

Let sit overnight. 

Pour out clear water and bring to boil once again.


Then wash your clothes & linen.


Effective Microorganisms


Pink Sugar


Beauty Products

Make your own

ribwort plantain



Cranberry Jam


simply selfmade

  • 2-3 kg butter in a big pot - melt slowly.

  • Move butter around so it doesn't stick or burn.

  • When all melted heat up and bring butter to boil until it foams.

  • Then turn down temperature down as low as possible and cook for about 30–40 minutes without stirring.

  • When milky parts have turned a golden yellowish colour and ghee is clear so that you can look thru to see the bottom of the pot take a fine sieve layed out with a clean dish cloth, pour ghee thru once or twice to filter out hard parts.

  • Cool down.

  • Fill into twist jars.

Ghee is rich in vitamins A, D and E. 

And will last 'forever' at room temperature.


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