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How You can Achieve Anything 


Not Wanting and Not Doing

What is G4 ?

G4-Consciousness is the »Holy Grail« of the MindFlow-Method, which catapults you into a sense of pure Being, in which you're freed from all the burdens that you usually carry around with you.


Imagine how you can let go and accept whatever life has to offer you, without having to judge and control everything.


G4-Awareness makes everything cool and okay the way it is.


How does this relate to your everyday life ?

Instead of getting caught up in the usual drama, imagine how you can act from a standpoint of clarity and power, and remain calm and relaxed in any given situation. G4-Consciousness allows for you to get a new and refreshing outlook on life enabling you to master any challenges it may bring.

G4 is not meant to be your permanent state of being, you don't need to be in G4 all the time. That would be like trying to surf and not getting wet ;-) – that's not the way it's meant to be.

It's a constant process, a journey, which you create by integrating MindFlow into your life.

Use the G4-techniques whenever you need them - live your life, and relax 


What about other people?

In the state of G4 you'll be able to recognize what's really being said, to read between the lines, helping you to discern and to act accordingly. You will no longer be giving your energy away, it makes you unassailable and enables genuine relationships.


Your surroundings will soon get the hack of it: No more energy to be drawn from you.


Does this ring a bell, does this leave you contemplating: "Yes, that's what I want, this is how I want to lead my life!", then the upcoming Basis Seminar is just the Thing for you. 


No matter, whether you're advanced or a beginner, or you've read the Mindflow-Book, the Basic Seminar offers you the perfect basis for practicing and incorporating G4-Consciousness.


>>> More Basis Seminar Informationen here 



An approach, which allows for pent-up energy, i.e. energetic blockages, to flow again freely, so that even long lasting problems and complaints simply dissipate. 

With MindFlow it's irrelevant to get behind the subject of any accumulated energy. Your own system always indicates what is ready to be released at this very moment. And only minutes after a session - or even during the session itself - you may feel things clearing up already.

Changes within an Expert Session occur simultaneously on all levels  - mentally, emotionally and physically.


You'll feel liberated, rooted - more energetic, more authentic - and healthier! 

Your surroundings will rapidly change with you and adapt to your higher energy level - leaving your problems behind.


Stress loses its impact on you, so that you can admit new things into your life!


Basis Seminar

Lots of Stress? — Lots of Energy!

Demands and hostilities at work are wearing you down? Or is it your family members and/or relationships?

Avoiding confrontations to block your own needs? Or into Attack-To-Defend-Tactics to defend yourself against the powerlessness of everyday life?

In either of these scenarios your life energy is tied up in blockages, preventing you from living your fullest life.

The MindFlow Basis Seminar teaches how you can totally accept stressful situations and attacks. Moreover will you learn to embrace all the energy bound in those blockages, so that you can gain more energy, instead of losing your valuable life energy by fighting them.

Embrace the new paradigm, in which we do not distinguish between good or bad energy.

Energy in abundance is all there for you to receive!

Leaving the Matrix

Ready for change? Privately or in business?

Yearning for harmonious relationships?

You've already read the MindFlow book, and if not, you would like to apply its techniques into your everyday life? —

It's so simple and easy to do! 

G4 Experience

In a group activation your energy level will be raised to the higher G4 consciousness. Simple and easy to do physical exercises will help you to feel and understand the energies surrounding you, and how to dissolve your own blockages.

You'd be surprised at how quickly and easily things can change and how more energy is transformed into your life.

G4 activates your mitochondria, plus: Everything aligns with you!

Allow yourself to feel free and receive Anything in your life with open hands by Not-Wanting and Not-Doing ! 

Basis Seminar
Mindflow method EN.png

Humans are energetic vortexes.

They are surrounded by a flow of energy,

which carries within the 'divine spark'.

- Tom Mögele


With the help of Mindflow an elevated state of consciousness - G4 - in which actual life force can unfold unhindered, is achieved.  

Read the book The Mindflow Method to find out how.

You've read the book? - Then learn how to apply the MindFlow techniques in a Basis Seminar.

MF Buch
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