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My Journey To MindFlow

Before I discovered MindFlow, demands on me were rather complex to say the least, since I was very involved with my father, who was in desperate need to be taken care of, and because a residential home back in Germany simply was no option. 

A solution had to be found to accommodate my Dad in his own beloved sunny residence not far from the beach by the Turkish Riviera - which actually and miraculously worked out.

On top of all the challenges I decided to take up MindFlow Seminars, which I initially needed to support myself in dealing with the highly stressful situation all along the Daddy Project - only to discover that the MindFlow approach not only raised previous experiences and my education of energetics to the next level, but moreover taught me how to harness the energy from all those stressful situations.  

Life with G4 is carefree & easy - and that makes me happy 😀

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since 2020

Expert Sessions  Merhodron Technique  Remote Sessions

Basis — Business — Kids— Time Traveler & Stone Master Coach

100 Percent Probability

The Art of Learning to Love Mistakes

Strücker Energetic Concepts  

Group Sessions

2014 - 2021

Materialization & Prognosis

Dissolving Blockages Child Aura — Groups & Communication

Allergies — Teeth — Soul Healing  Animal Communication


Shakti Pad

since 1995

From Kaytan Ayurvedic Massage with Subbudha, through various healers such as Karma Singh and others, my path led me via Shamanic Healing, Quantum Somatics, the Wim Hof breathing method, and an extensive education in Energetic Concepts and Aura Viewing by R. Strücker, to Tom Mögele and MindFlow.

As for my former career and studies as an actress, we were taught Not-Doing and to trust in our god given impulses at our acting classes by my mentor George Loros in New York. Whereby the circle closes. 

I have been a teacher and coach since childhood, and not just since my early twenties as afro-dance teacher at Cologne University. Pupils at the Montessori Elementary School Gilbachstraße were encouraged to pass on what we had learned to our younger classmates, which made up a great deal of our class room activities.


since 1983  


Film, TV & Theater — Germany, New York

   Scholarship — Actors' Playhouse School of Theatre, New York
   Studies  — 
The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, New York

Dance Theatre  — At Cologne University & in Theaters, Cologne

Life Stations  

Cologne — Melbourne — New York — Seoul — Side

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