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Nano Soma

Oktober 13, 2023 - UPDATE


Today, I want to revisit some basics of using the MagicDichol® products, as I continue to connect with people who have not understood some of these things.

Firstly, these products are different from other policosanol supplements. The key to their efficacy is the water soluble nanoemulsion.  Metadichol®, the development name for NANO SOMA®, is patented across 80% of the global population because other policosanol supplements cannot do what Metadichol does. And all of the other ingredients in Metadichol are there to stabilize, solubilize and protect this nanoemulsion. Water from the mountains is needed to create it and it cannot be mixed with other substances for a long period else it stops working. You can add it to juice, for example, and drink the mixture without an issue but you should not store it mixed with the juice. And it’s 98% Swiss water, so there are only minute amounts of any of the other ingredients.

Raghu says very clearly that other supplements are not needed when you are using NANO SOMA. He says this is because when the body is in homeostasis (optimum balance), which NANO SOMA triggers, the body becomes like a heat seeking missile in searching out the nutrients it needs from our food. Our regimen of supplements has grown up in an environment where homeostasis is missing and our digestive systems are out of whack due to poor and compromised food and the use of antibiotics. For many people, when you embrace this truth and remove this expense from your budget, you can actually save money when you use NANO SOMA. A lot of people I speak to struggle to change this habit for fear they will miss out. You won’t.

Many people have bought a bottle or two of NANO SOMA, tried it, didn’t know what to expect, experienced nothing they could quantify and gave up.

Are you one of these?

If you are, I owe you an apology because I did not understand the need to explain how you should use NANO SOMA and what to expect when I got started. Now I do and it is why I created this video Please watch it if you have not or have not for some time. Also, please read it explains how to use these products. Simply put, when you truly understand what NANO SOMA and the other MagicDichol® products do, you will use them every day for the rest of your life. They move your health baseline to a whole new and robust level, as well as triggering your biological clock to run backwards. Personally, I like the idea that I’m getting metabolically younger as I use these products.

Finally, for a couple of user suggestions that can be very beneficial. If you are finding you have a stubborn chronic health condition that seems not to be moving, try 5 sprays every hour for 12 hours. Several people have reported this can produce a recovery breakthrough.

The other comes from the MagicDichol team. Spraying one spray into your navel morning and night can have profound effects on your recovery journey. The navel is the historical connection point of your umbilical cord and it has connections all over the body. I tried it for the first time just before I meditated and I was amazed by the effects on my physiology that I could feel as I meditated. Try it. Others have reported that it can dramatically speed up the body’s recovery processes.

The following is a testimonial from last year and is an example of a recovery from MS, one of an array of so-called incurable diseases that prove not to be in the presence of Raghu’s beautiful products:
"I have had Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (MS) since late 2000 and have been managing it to varying degrees of success with diet and lifestyle, meditation, supplements and generally elevating consciousness and healing which I believe helps with chronic illnesses. Except for the first two years after diagnosis, I have never taken traditional medications such as immunosuppressants.

The last few years I have really been feeling the impact of MS, affecting my walking, it making it cumbersome and awkward, due to many factors - spasticity and balance largely...or so I thought. It was actually the damaged nerves in my left leg that I had forgotten about...but NANO SOMA obviously identified as needing the most healing and went to work!  I had tried some things - Zeolite helped a little - naturally, any heavy metal detox helps with MS but nothing till NANO SOMA has had remotely the same impact. I realized that as the product team points out - it goes to work on what is most injured and acute first. With the function in that left leg mostly restored (it's only been since late October 2021!) the spasticity and balance are not nearly as problematic and it's probably healing that as well. 

It has had such an impact I can actually jog and even sprint comfortably and my next goal is to be up and skiing next winter! I could not be more grateful or recommend this more wholeheartedly to anyone!

- Joanne, January 2022"

NANO SOMA, a product made from food, of which you can drink a litre/day without harm, triggers our bodies to clear everything that does not represent ideal health. And this is just a small part of what it does. Have you made it part of your everyday life, yet, as Sean describes here?

To purchase your MagicDichol products, go to your nearest store linked to below.


MagicDichol – The natural solution for your health


Please understand that none of the companies supplying the MagicDichol products nor the companies’ directors, shareholders nor employees are medical doctors and do not provide medical advice. For medical advice, please consult your medical practitioner. Further, these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Rather, they promote our bodies to take care of themselves in ways we never imagined were possible.

The NANO SOMA Liquid, the METASOMER Topical Gel and the METASOMER Telomerase Natural Skin Cream were developed and are supplied in bulk by NanoRX Inc.

Kind Regards,


Dr. Richard Presser



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