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Happy Healthy Life 

Von den Brettern, die die Welt bedeuten,

führte mich die Suche nach Methoden der Selbstheilung zu MindFlow und G4.

How To Achieve Anything by

Not-Wanting and Not-Doing

My way to Mindflow

Before I discovered MindFlow, I was more than busy taking care of my father, who was in need of care, and the demands on me were complex, to say the least, because a home placement back in Germany was simply not an option for him.

A solution had to be found to accommodate my dad in his own sunny home not far from the beach in his adopted home on the Turkish Riviera, with trusting care - which finally and miraculously worked. 

Despite all the challenges, I started training in MindFlow, which I initially needed to support me in dealing with the mostly stressful situation surrounding my father; But then I found an approach in MindFlow that raised my previous experiences to a new level and opened up a way for me to harness the concentrated energy from the stress.  

Life in the G4 is carefree, easier - and that makes you happy 😀



MindFlow is a coaching approach through which pent-up energy, which usually shows up in the form of blockages, is released and flows again. This frees up energy and even long-lasting problems and complaints disappear all by themselves. 

With MindFlow it is irrelevant whether you know what the subject behind the accumulated energy is. The body system itself indicates what is now ready and ready to be released. Just a few minutes after the session - even during the session itself - you will feel a clear change.

You often feel liberated – more energetic, more authentic and healthier. 

Your environment is also changing rapidly and will adapt to your energy level - old burdens become less important, existing problems gain momentum and new things can enter your life!

In an Expert session, change happens on a physical, emotional and mental level at the same time.

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